It hasbeen a long sabbatical from school and the large puffy sofa in your living room, facing the idiot box directly has become your BFF!Aaaa! Bliss. You must have thought this was the best kind of existence you could have ever dreamed of.But here is an awakening call! After spending months doing the same ol’ same ol’ your entire body system must have gone into stasis! Lethargic bones, listless mood, zombie vision: the list is long and tedious. Getting back to normalcy seems a monstrous goal littered with struggles of drained resolutions.

It’s time to snap out of it, as the new normalcy is a ‘donedeal’ and you cannot wish it away. So here aresome noteworthy suggestionsthat will put the steering control ofyour lifefirmly in your hands.

First off, your inner self needs an awakening jolt. You seriously must give yourself a short and stern pep talk. Then, once the idea has taken ahold, sort out your cupboard, pushing the large number of ratty casuals to the lower shelves and keep the formals in full view, ironed and ready to go. Your school uniform has a priority here. You must have started feeling better already!Remember a body and mind in motion, stays in motion!

Secondly make a TO DO list which must contain all the urgent tasks you need to tackle, putting them in priority. Go back to it everyday and keep checking off the ones you have completed. This has to be a comprehensive list, from as small as purchase blue pens to submit projects etc.

Remember to keep yourself hydrated and avoid over-eating. Stick to home food and choose a workout that most suits you. Music is a great way to remain energized but go easy on the volume of your ear buds.

Exercise your brains by constantly looking for knowledge that makes you aware and alert.Unclutter yourself …. Physically and Mentally!

Be kind to yourself and don’t forget to count your blessings!

Stay safe

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