Do you ever get frustrated?

See, frustration is there in everyone’s life. Do you think that the richest person in the world doesnot feel frustrated? In fact, they get more frustrated as they have larger complications in their life!

I used to be a very frustratedbeing when I was a kid. Bah!! I am still a kid, but I am talking about when I was, maybe, 11 years old.

All my cousins are unfortunately younger than me and at that time, theywere all little toddlers roaming around here and there on their knees. They looked cute and adorable but were undoubtedly messy rug-rats!!.

I had to baby sit them when my parents would go out as I was the eldest one. I did not like them at all. They irritated me all the time.

It was during one of my baby-sitting stints that disaster struck. One of my kid cousins,somehow quietly slipped into my parents’ bedroom and created a mountain of a mess over there. I entered and found the room was in shambles, things were scattered as if a tornado hit the room. Iran around like a maniac trying to put things in order when all the other kids began to howl simultaneously, sobbing like babies…. which they ACTUALLY were to give them credit! 

I wondered how such a tiny human could, cause such devilish clutter.It was just too much to bear and I instinctively bellowed ….  loudly! A complete pin drop silence ensued. I shouldn’t have done that, I thought! Now what?

When my parents returned,they found me sitting on the ground surrounded by all the babies as ifready for combat. Before I could utter a single word my mom confessed that it she who had left the room in a mess.

So, this is the reason I feel frustrated. I could not get a satisfactory closure of the incident. However, I have found a wonderful way to let go of my frustration. I leave whatever I am doing and just breathe deeply. Like the way I am breathing now, and I know good things will start to happen!

Stay safe and happy!

Kirtika Agrawal

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