Do you find yourself restless sometimes, and have no idea what is troubling you? Life is full of ups and downs with unforeseen problems cropping up from minute issues like your maid not turning up in the morning to salary cuts due to the lockdown. We recommend through this PPT to take out a few moments in the day for yourself and practice meditation for soulful and soothing peace.


It is a fact that we all are susceptible to inner turmoil. Our anxiety levels are at a peak. This is further exacerbated with unpredictable events like the virus, the lockdown, and then the confusion over the vaccine.

Things, big and small, tend to trigger off emotions that play havoc on our senses. We suffer,and sometimeswe do not know why we have this nagging feeling the entire day thatsomething is not right!

So let us make an effort to find the best way to get back on a smoother track.

Find a quiet corner for yourself. Close your eyes, imagine complete darkness, and breathe evenly for a full minute until you have calmed your entire being.

A Senior member of the Oklahoma State Board of HealthDrKrishna says that Positive Affirmations existed in spiritual texts and sacred books thousands of years ago and continues to provide stupendous inspirationfor all those moments when you feel life has let you down.Discard the negativity and embrace positivity. Always look for the proverbial silver lining each time you face a setback. There is a time limit for everything that happens.


You think meditation is only for people over the certain age? Not at all! Meditation is today considered a global healer, an even and balanced method to achieve mental stability. It is the source that can give you answers to convoluted questions.

Look at the benefits of meditation and embrace it with full energy and belief.

1. Reduces stress.

This is the first step to controlling depression and anxiety, blood pressure, and stress and a chance  tobuild energy and concentration. Develops a positive mood and self-discipline. It also helps controls anxiety.

2. Increase in Emotional Health

Meditation helps to improve self-image and inculcate a positive outlook on life. It encourages fewer negative thoughts.

3. Enhances self-awareness

Meditation will help you develop a better and  stronger understanding of your own persona. It will further assist you into becoming a better version of yourself

4. Enhances Attention and Focus

With more and more hours ofmeditation you will find an increasedinner strength, better attention to details and a longer and stronger power to endure.

5. Lessens Memory loss.

Forgetfulness due to age will also be substantially reduced.There will be clarity of thinking that will help keep your mind energetic and young.

6. Meditation helps build values

With anincrease in positive thinking,you will find your heart more susceptible to compassion, empathy, humane thoughts, and a spirit of benevolence.

7. Improves sleep

There are many people who suffer from sleeplessness willbegin attaining a peaceful slumber with lesserrandom disturbing thoughts.

8Assists in controlling pain.

Mental anguish or physical pain will become relatively lessened as you regularly practice meditation. The heart and brain will synchronize giving way to better health,

9. Decreased blood pressure

Meditation reduces the strain on your heart and brings the blood pressure down to an ideal level.

10. Meditation … Anytime _____Anywhere

Meditation does not require any instruments. It can happen anywhere and at any time. No props, no instruments and no fancy expensive gadgets.

So, all you need now, is a strong determination to be in-sync with nature and be at peace with yourself for a holistic healing of mind and body.

Stay Safe

Lots of Love

Seedling Family

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