The good of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn. (Maria Montessori)

Choosing the best Kindergarten for your toddler is a really daunting task for every parent, where the competition is already at its peak and every school offers the best of everything, finding the right Kindergarten may take some time. Here are a few things, you should consider when making the choice.

  • Search local schools online- Most schools have websites which provide informations about their service operations, curriculum, policies and procedures, contact details, location etc.
  • Speak with parents in your neighbourhood – Other parents will be able to give you information that is not online. You can also look on social media for reviews and ratings.
  • Compare locations and travel time to your home- Remember that you may have to provide transportation or have your child ride a bus to the school every day. The school should be located near to your home. Make sure the school you choose does not leave the child tired and drained due to the distance. So, opt for a school that does not take much time to commute.
  • Focus on the student teacher ratio- Always prefer school that offer small class sizes. This also helps in keeping children more engaged academically and socially.
  • Check the timings- The school timing should suit you and your kid. The school should not start too early nor too late.
  • Check out the teachers – The biggest influences on your child are the teachers they interact with, so observe them in action. A school with experienced and qualified teachers certainly score good.
  • Look for the Curriculum-Does the school directly jump to teaching or do they start talking and make the children comfortable. Does the school have enough activity oriented curriculum. A participation based teaching should always be preferred.
  • Safety – Make sure the environment of the school is good and the management emphasizes on safety and security of the child.



Parents should choose the Kindergarten based on their parental goals and child’s abilities.

If you already know your preferred Curriculum, choosing a Kindergarten affiliated with that board is recommended. Otherwise many systems like Montessori’s also offer great learning experiences. Kindergarten may be

presented as an option, But in today’s competitive world, it has become extremely important.