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Classes for Kids During Lockdown

The Covid Pandemic has put 1.2 billion children from all over the world physically out of their classrooms. The urgent need to stay connected without losing any link with the academic world, the tech companies went into an overdrive and E-Learning portals became instantly available with enhanced features to make it easy for teachers and students to adapt the online learning system.

Education may have transformed into a remotely controlled system, yet it has proved worldwide to be effective and a timely solution during the long bouts of lockdown.Researchers believe there is more retention of information through online learning, and it also takes much less time and effort given the fact that one doesnot have to physically travel, except perhaps a few feetto a study table. The question that is now being pondered over by many educationists is whether online learning will continue post pandemic with the same intensity.


Going by the history of online learning, it has always been patronized by millions through language apps, tutoring portals, video conferencing tools etc.and will continue to do so even after the virus has been eventually overpowered. Yes, an ideal hybrid form of education is taking birth that shows promise of significant change and positive growth.

The challenges faced by E- Learners and Teachers worldwidehave been plenty beginning with unplanned rapid shift to digital system, not sufficient training given to teachers and students, and of course the biggest barrier, insufficient band width. However, over the last two years, we have acclimatized ourselves with speed, tackling and fixing all loopholes towards a smoother system of education.

The clue forobtaining the complete benefit of online learning is to provide a structure that goes beyond replicating a classroom method of teaching. There is a range of collaboration tools and engagement methods available for teachers and students that provide a complete and wholesome way of making learning fun and effective.Plenty of evidence clearly show a higher percentage of participation by studentsand an increased enthusiasm towards learning. This, along with the honing of important skills such as critical thinking, research and analysis, it is evident that online academics is heading towards a successful future.

The pandemic has pushed forward a conspicuous factor much needed for all learners and that is the importance of being a global citizen.Accessing knowledge from across the planet has allowed easy and rapid access to information first-hand and assisted in taking precautions against various predicted calamities.

Needless to sayonline learning plays a crucial role in our present world and will continue to be an effervescent toolin our future, and it is our responsibility to explore its full potential.

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