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Our students exude confidence as they embark on a journey of self-discovery, fearlessly exploring new ideas and embracing challenges with a can-do attitude. Watch your child grow into a bold and self-assured learner, ready to conquer the world!


At our school, we encourage students to be reflective thinkers, pondering upon their experiences and learning from them. By nurturing their ability to pause, analyze, and adapt, we equip them with the skills to navigate life's complexities and make informed decisions.


We instill a strong sense of responsibility in our students, teaching them to be accountable for their actions and choices. Through engaging activities and meaningful discussions, we empower them to make wise decisions. This fosters a sense of integrity and preparing them for a bright future.


We ignite the spark of innovation in our students, fostering their creativity and nurturing their imaginative thinking. Through exciting projects, cutting-edge technologies, and out-of-the-box problem-solving, we inspire their curiosity and empower them to shape a better future.


Learning comes alive as our students actively participate in hands-on activities, collaborative projects, and interactive discussions. They eagerly immerse themselves in the joy of discovery, forming meaningful connections with their peers and becoming active contributors to their own education.

Why Seedling Modern
International Academy?

  • Strong International Focus
  • Trust-based Learning
  • Inculcation of life skills & soft skills development
  • Flexible curriculum tailored to individual needs
  • Broad, Balanced, Student-centred approach
  • School-driven Formative Assessments
  • Early introduction to independent research
  • High quality portable education
  • Worldwide status and credibility of programmes
  • Learning by doing
  • Continuous professional development of faculty
  • Online student performance tracking
  • University Counseling
  • Teaching for global competence
  • Promoting international Mindedness
  • Strong school-parent partnership
  • Safe and secure Campus, 24/7 Surveillance

Life at Seedling Modern International Academy

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